Student applications for enrollment are being accepted now through September 25 for the October 1, 2020 opening of classes. Due to Ollin’s unique processes, students are placed on a waiting list and new students are admitted on a weekly basis determined by capacity.

Application Process

Complete the application and submit the application fee of $9.95 through the tuition link. Be sure to take advantage of the limited time coupon code. Application fees are not refundable due to the time that is invested with you in learning more about your child’s needs.

Note: a family applying with more than one child only pays the fee once.

Apply Now for October 1 Classes

Applications are being accepted now for October 1, 2020, classes.

Due to the open enrollment model used at Ollin, families on the waiting list will be contacted about available classes on a weekly basis.

Checking your Application

After you submit the application, you will receive an email from us within 24 hours.

Application Review Process.

Families will be contacted with available times to schedule an interview with a member of the Ollin staff upon receipt of your completed application. You should anticipate 45-minute interviews; the children seeking enrollment should be available for questions during this time.


Interviews focus on the strengths of the learner, parent hopes and goals for the child/children. During the interview, we will discuss the specific learning needs of your child and how they like to learn, followed by a brief interview with your child.

The interview is the most critical part of the process of getting enrolled at Ollin. Please allot 45 minutes for the interview, as it needs to uninterrupted.


Admission decisions are based on three factors:

  1.  Family commitment. Learning is an active process and in this environment of digital learning, active parents are necessary.
  2. The child’s interests.
  3. The match of Ollin with the family. Ollin is unique in its learning approaches and focus on the “one.” Because of this individual approach, there must be a firm commitment.


When accepted to Ollin, children are registered upon receipt of the first tuition payment. The student registration process is done digitally and includes the parent playbook for accessing Ollin resources and their child’s schedule.

They meet their instructor(s) through initial access to a hello video and will work with them when classes being.

Note: Ollin’s methods and materials are proprietary. Only registered students and families will have access, as is fair, to the learning processes.

Prospective Students

Ollin is committed to the “one.” This means that each child is important and seen with eyes of potential and purpose. Learning is individualized to learner needs and interests.

Personal coaches and teachers ensure the engagement and relationship network for children and families.

Ollin emphasizes:

  •  Building a strong moral compass based on scriptures.
  • Finding joy in the learning journey.
  • A firm commitment to build an academic and spiritual foundation.
  • Knowing that you have purpose on this planet.
  • That you are a Child of God.

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Ollin is accepting applications for the October 1, 2020 opening. A waiting list of students will be evaluated on a weekly basis for available spots.

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Ollin’s skilled staff is available to consult with families who choose to homeschool. Consulting fees are based on family needs; contact us for options.

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Career Guidance

Students who are seeking paths to specific trades careers will find that Ollin’s proprietary approach may be what you need today. These needs are handled on a case-by-case basis. Schedule your appointment today to see if Ollin can serve you.

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Every Ollin enrolled student will get a personal coach that is there to help each individual student grow.

Do you have special requests?

Email us today: support@ollin.education