About Us

We bring a personal and effective approach to each student with whom we work.


Enrollment is limited to 250 students. Because our private school individualizes learning for your child, enrollment requires parent interviews. In addition, a non-refundable enrollment fee of $19.95 is charged.

Learning as it should be

“The founder has the ability to get on a child’s level and love and teach them at the same time. The whole person is taught and the learner is involved so that they remember the lessons taught. She loves with her whole heart. I am grateful that my children and I have been her students.”

Parent coaching

Parents who find themselves with their public schools closed will find support and encouragement through our parent consulting model. This is one-on-one time for you with an instructor who can coach you forward. 30-minute coaching sessions are $35. The parents of enrolled students will have one complimentary coaching session each week; satisfaction guaranteed.

Today, we begin a new life...

For over 10 years, the founders of Ollin have been working and researching to develop a model of learning that rekindles the curiosity, excitement and depth of education every child deserves. When you step onto our virtual campus, you know you are somewhere special, in a place where the spirit of learning, purpose and relevant study permeates the air.

Our goal is to create extraordinary educational experiences for your child that will be remembered and used as they grow. Our curriculum, lessons and environment reflect an individualized, student-driven learning path.

Ollin students receive an academically rigorous education, with experiential learning at the heart.

Students will learn how to use epistemology (a branch of philosophy that relates to knowing what you know) and rhetoric to develop critical thinking skills, while also growing their ability to listen to the spirit. All of this combined will help to build upon a foundation that already exists, while strengthening their moral compass and steadfast resolve to choose goodness, honesty and compassion.

Our commitment to you

  1.  Personalized learning for each student means that an individualized learning plan is created just for your child.
  2. Affordability. A child’s education sets their path for life. Ollin will help you provide your child with the best education for him/her, at a cost that meets your family’s budget.
  3. Satisfaction guarantee simply means that if your child is not growing spiritually, physically, intellectually and developmentally, tell us and we will offer the following options:  (a) private consultation with Ollin’s director to understand the problems and find a mutually agreeable solution; (b) individual tutoring for your child to ascertain what can be done to better meet your child’s needs; and/or (c) refund unused tuition so you can use the funds you paid to meet your child’s needs elsewhere.

Our approach to learning

Ollin believes in the core founding principles of America. As a result, students will be involved in regular scripture study as history teaches us that those immersed in scripture develop a strong moral compass and are more inclined to vote and to work in their communities for civility. Furthermore, Ollin honors God. The inspiration for Ollin honors the God of all humanity that inspires each of us, if we are listening and looking. Prayer, devotionals and meditation will all be part of the Ollin experience.

Because Ollin believes in independence, and liberty, government funds are not accepted. Private donors create scholarships for specific purposes for which you may apply.

The virtual campus provides you an “anytime approach” for your child’s learning. However, when you reach a milestone, Ollin will hold weekend demonstration camps where your child can demonstrate their learning to a member of the Ollin team. The demonstration camp begins on Saturday at 10 a.m. and concludes at 3 p.m., with the celebration of your child’s learning accomplishments.

Our Dynamic Instructors

Do you have special request?

Classes begin October 1, 2020. Contact us to hold your spot.