Our courses are individualized to meet the specific needs of the learner.

Student interest based courses are developed to meet your child right where they are.

Ollin University

Language Arts

The foundation of the Language Arts is found in the Spalding Methodologies: The Writing Road to Reading – Writing, Reading Spelling integration.
Specific courses include:
Stories of the Bible
The Great Books
Writing for Purpose
*Keep in mind that individualized courses will be created based on student interests.

Ollin University


Math is focused on mastery, which is achieved through deliberate sequence of math principles. We use the concrete, pictorial, abstract approach with younger children. Students learn to think mathematically and rely on the looping that is used to build on prior knowledge.
Math is foundational to problem solving.
Specific courses include:
Learning Blocks of Math
Multiplication the Foundation of Algebra
Math in Building

Ollin University


Science learning will focus on: the biology of life and creation. Creation of life, creation of earth, the wonders of the heavens.
Biology will include key elements of Chemistry while the creation of earth and the heavens will introduce principles of Physics.
At the core of science is that how science proves the existence of God.
Students will be able to identify specific interests for which learning will be individualized to their interests.

Ollin University


The written word preserves History. Student will practice epistemology in all history learning. Foundations of Freedom will be explored with Historian, David Barton.
The Declaration of Independence
Miracles that Saved America
The Constitution
History of the Bible
The Study of Primary Documents
Men and Women of Virtue
Your Living History
Rush Limbaugh’s Children’s History Books are available for reading and studying the stories of American History

What Every Child Must Learn and is Taught - Only at Ollin

  1. The responsibility of leading in they learning.
  2. All courses are structured so students learn by doing and apply it to daily problems of life.
  3. Taking dreams from only in our minds to tangible reality.  Creativity and ideas are often inspiration from heaven.  Learn to recognize it.
  4. The basic motives by which all people are influenced.
  5. How to be definite in all things beginning with a definite and major purpose in life.
  6. The nature of good and evil in the principle of habits.  How to control your habits.
  7. The difference between temporary defeat and failure.
  8. How to express their own thoughts fearlessly and to accept or reject, all ideas of others.
  9. How the human brain works.
  10. The nature and value of self-control.
  11. The true nature of the Golden Rule.
  12. To avoid opinions unless they are formed from facts or beliefs which may be reasonably accepted as facts.
  13. What destroys the power of will and leads to the habit of drifting.
  14. To face facts without excuses.
  15. To hear God and examine the impressions carefully.
  16. How to speak the Language of Virtues, valuing self and others.
  17. To seek guidance.
  18. The only real limitations are those they set up or permit others to establish in their own minds.
  19. Be true to the covenants made with God.
  20. Their divine nature and that each is a beloved Child of God, full of potential and purpose.

Our goal is to create extraordinary educational experiences for all our students, providing opportunities for them to explore their gifts and talents. Our curriculum, lessons and environment reflect this.

Ollin students receive an academically rigorous education, steeped in knowledge, morals, and scriptures. Experiential learning is woven throughout courses. Learning through reflection on doing, helps students to more easily absorb and understand information, and we support this through educational excursions, interactive lessons and the creative use of technology.

I am extremely proud to be leading of our learning community, and invite you to explore our website, contact us to learn more about our private school and how your child would flourish here. – Krystal Smith, Director


All courses are structured to meet the needs of the learner. Students can opt to learn one course at a time, or a blend of learning. Courses are integrated whenever possible so a student can seek answers from most instructors. Experts in specific content are available on a scheduled basis for Q&A sessions.

The school week is Monday through Thursday with teaching occurring between 9:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. and again from 12:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. Student check-in with their coach is at 9:00 a.m. and check-out begins at 3:00 p.m. It is important to note that students WILL NOT be online during the entire school day. There will be time online with their teachers and there will be times that will work independently. The coaches will schedule time with their individual students each day for personal coaching sessions.

Coaching sessions are available from 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. as scheduled, for parents.

Fridays are structured to be explorations, creating, inventing, and playing days. These are vital to the growth and well-being of children.

Why Ollin?

Ollin has been in incubation for seven years with the think tank participants studying, identifying learning principles, and coming to the realization that a private school is the best ways for this tested principles to reach your child.  We have asked ourselves throughout years in public teaching, why we couldn’t change the system?  Oh we have tried over and over and have had a small measure of success only to see with the change in public school leadership, any unorthodox methods stopped. Frankly, we could no longer strive to change public education from inside out.  It is doing exactly what it was created for…the creation of  compliant citizens. You know what we know, that our children are not receiving the education they need or deserve.  We have called on courage and trust in God, that Ollin will bless the children and families who want their children to learn and apply what Ollin offers.

Our goal is to create extraordinary educational experiences for all our students, providing opportunities for them to explore their gifts and talents.

Our courses, lessons and environment reflect this reverence for humanity and the humility to remember why we do this work.  Why?  Because we can aid a child in realizing their divine potential and incredible worth.

Do you have special request?

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