Due to demand, parent worries, and student cynicism, with the lack of effective digital instructors, we have moved online for the fall of 2020 to address these deep concerns.  Ollin’s experienced team has over 20 years of success teaching in digital environments.

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The admission enrollment form is personalized to you.  There is a  nonrefundable fee of $19.95.  Email us and a team member will call you to discuss your goals at Ollin. 

Due to the increased demand for effective learning in a virtual environment, our team is growing daily. At this time we can serve 250 children.  A waiting list will be established after that and we will work diligently to help you help your child. 

Ollin University

The Difference

With the online option available to you now, it is enhanced with weekend learning retreats, where you interact with instructors and your learner.   Our teachers provide the highest quality education steeped in our nation’s founding principles. 

The Holy Scriptures are studied daily.   Knowledge leads to wisdom.  Choices are built on a strong moral compass.  Every child has choice in developing their learning around interests. 

We guarantee that your child will learn and flourish. 

Ollin University

Timeless Foundactions

Built on vital timeless principles leading to a sound education.  History teaches us that these education built on these three principles that should be respected, honored and embraced is you want your child’s learning to flourish.

  • Morality
  • Knowledge
  • Religion

We teach children that time is the greatest asset available to them and the cheapest.  Value time.

We teach children to be definite in all things, beginning with the choice of a definite major purpose in life. AND MUCH MORE! 

Ollin University


Every admitted Ollin student has a personal coach that will  support their growth and learning.  

Each coach adheres to Ollin’s strict code of conduct, is an exceptional communicator, and able to facilitate your child’s dreams from only in their mind to tangible reality and action.  When you choose Ollin, everyone of us is “all in” for your child’s success.


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