The Writing Road to Reading Home Package


There are many parents trying to figure out how to teach a child to read.  The foundational package takes all the mystery out of teaching a child how to read and build mastery of the English language.



The English Language is the most difficult language to learn without a clear understanding of the rules that surround words.  Spalding International’s Writing Road to Reading is a must-have book for homes where parents are striving to support children in reading and application of the English Language.

The Spalding Method is used by Ollin in development speakers, writers, readers, spellers, and learners.  Students learn the importance of cursive handwriting and the neuro-pathways handwriting develops in the brain.  The ability to read the ever-important primary documents of our country requires mastery of cursive handwriting.

The spelling notebooks from each year of study will become a valued resource for students as they progress through their learning.

The foundational package can be purchased by families which include the home text, individual phonogram cards, the spelling notebook, CD, ruler and pencil.


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